Alex is in the 9th grade and he is on the 9th and 1st string JV Wrestling teams. He placed 3rd (7-AAAAA) in the JV County Tournament and 1st (7-AAAAA) in the 9th Grade County Tournament in his 171 weight class. Alex is in Honors classes and has a 3.833 grade point average (which is 5 A's and 1 B). He also wants to be a veterinarian and attend UGA or Auburn University.

About People to People:

“As a People to People Sports Ambassador participating in the Ambassador Games in Austria, you will meet, compete against, and make friends with athletes from around the world. You’ll also get to explore Vienna, one of the world’s great cities, off the field. You’ll walk in Mozart’s footsteps at the magnificent Schonbrunn Palace, and gain some new perspectives about yourself, your country, and the world at large. You will:

  • Add Olympic-style international competition to your sports experience
  • Discover more about yourself as a person and an athlete
  • Interact with coaches and athletes from around the world
  • Understand the legacy of World War II at Mauthausen Concentration Camp
  • Explore the different sights, sounds, and cultures of Austria “

“People to People Sports Ambassador Programs offer student athletes in grades 5-12 the opportunity to compete internationally, train with world-class coaches, and develop leadership skills, self confidence, and a foundation for success in a globalized world. Program delegations come from local communities, so students make friends locally before they travel globally.”

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